Windows Live Domain Email

Windows Live Hotmail offers one of the most advanced and feature rich email platforms available. Estimated to be the world's largest web-based email provider, Windows Live offers a suite of capabilites from helping to block junk mail to offering their SkyDrive storage service. And because it's Microsoft, Windows Live integrates better with Outlook than any other web-based email service.

NonProfitSites™ will help your organization get set-up on the Windows Live platform. As part of our regular set-up for new clients, we will help your IT administrator get acclimated to managing your domain's email through Windows Live. Your IT manager will then be able to manage your ongoing email needs. If your organization does not have an IT Manager, NonProfitSites offers an Email Administration option for an additional $25.00 per month. We will be your administrator and help your users with any ongoing email questions or problems.

Key Information for Windows Live Administrators

The following links are provided as an overview for Windows Live Administrators. Be sure to use the Windows Live Help System to get answers to all of your questions.

  • If you have our Email IT Support Package, you can contact us directly for help adding or editing email accounts or creating actual aliases for your accounts. Or you can go here to log in with your domain administrator account to add/edit email accounts.
  • Creating Aliases: Clients with our Email IT Support Package can have actual aliases created for individual email accounts. As an example, you account is dave@, and you want that account to also answer to dave.t@ and dave.tall@. We can add those as actual aliases to the account under your domain. This capability is not available through the regular administrative interfaces. Contact us for more information on this feature.
  • Setting Up POP3 or IMAP
  • Send and receive email from multiple accounts in one place: - From the Inbox View, click the Options icon and then click More mail settings.
  • Account Expirations - Log into your web-mail at least once every 12 months. We recommend that you log into web-mail once a month. See the Note in the middle of this page.
  • Each account should set-up an Additional Contact Email for Password Recovery - From HotMail inbox, select OPTIONS (top right of page) > More options. This will bring up the HotMail options page. Select Account Details > then click on the Email - Add link under Password reset Information.
  • Create a Vacation Reply Message - if you have problems creating one, please see this help thread.
  • Email Sending Limits - If you have been notified that you have hit some limit on a Windows Live product, it’s almost certainly part of an effort to reduce spam. This article covers daily sending limits.
  • Manage multiple Live accounts - Live Downloads also offers additional tools
  • Requesting Password-reset capability. If you want to be able to reset a password on your accounts, you will need to log into the Admin Center Forums and request that it be added to your admin account. We recommend that you use this exact verbiage:

    "I need the password reset option enabled for my hosted mx domain on the Windows Live Admin center. My domain is _______".

    Be sure to put in your domain.
  • Main Windows Support Page