Form Builder Overview

The Form Builder makes it easy to create your own website forms on your site. It includes the ability to create as many forms as you want and drop them into any of your pages. Create contact forms, sign-up forms, surveys, or any other type of form you need to collect user information.

Feature Snapshot

Below is a quick list of some of the features our Form Builder application:
  • Integrated with our Sub-site System to allow other mini-websites within your website to create their own list of forms
  • Control row shading used on form
  • Include your own submit button graphic
  • Set Start and End Dates to control when the form is available
  • Set User-side Security to control who has access to use the form
  • Set Administrative Security to control who has access to manage form
  • Ability to Save and Download all user information collected
  • Create your own Thank You reply page
  • Create your own Thank You email message and include all form entries option
  • Administrative email confirmation and include all form entries option
  • Control your form entry names and order
  • All form types available: text, radio, checkbox, textarea, hidden input, select list
  • Additional administrative email confirmations based on a user selected input - i.e. associate an additional administrative email to any list item a user can select. For example, in your department list you can associate a different email with each department, and the system will automatically copy the Administrative email to the selected department email.
  • Save your own custom select/drop-down lists for use in multiple forms
  • Include custom content (description/design area) within your forms
  • Administrative reports on entries includes a date based search, the ability to view online all of the form entries and fields, and a Download to Excel option
  • Easily drop your form on any page or content area, including sytem content areas like the Calendar or News applications
  • Include the same form on multiple pages

Easy Administration

Download to Excel

Email Selected Departments