Mobile Website Application

The NonProfitSites™ Mobile Website App makes it easy to make your website mobile ready. Manage your mobile content along side your regular website content. The mobile page content tools are integrated with our existing website page tools to make it easy to add and edit content as well as manage your mobile website's navigation. It includes the initial design of your mobile home page and other mobile pages and the creation of your organization's iPhone App to allow users to download the app from the App Store.

Feature Snapshot

The Mobile Web App Application includes the following:
  • Easily add or edit mobile web pages
  • Control your mobile navigation
  • Initial systems integrated into the Mobile Website App include:
    • Calendar System
    • News System
    • Audio/Video Media System
  • Mobile Home page layout with Rotating Ad set-up that is easily updated through our rotating ad tool
  • NonProfitSites will help you set-up your first 10 pages
  • Works with iPhone and Android smart phones through their browsers
  • Design assistance for up to 10 other mobile pages
  • Optional iPhone & Android App - submission of an actual iPhone and Android App that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace
  • Gives you the ability to instantly and easily add additional pages to your mobile website App

Why Have a Mobile version of your website?

One of the ongoing challenges for websites and the modern smart phone is that the phone is designed to be small. This makes viewing a regular website difficult with a smart phone. Users always have to resize pages to actually read anything, and then they have to scroll right and left and up and down. It's basically a pain for the user.

The NonProfitSites' Mobile Website Application solves that issue by giving smart phone's a true mobile website application view. Smart Phone users automatically get the mobile version of the site simply by going to your domain. No different link to send them to, no other website to manage, it is all managed through the same administrative interface.

NonProfitSites makes managing your mobile website quick and easy!

Easily Add
Mobile Content

Manage Your Mobile Navigation

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